Evaluation of Applications

The application is divided into two parts, the Quantitative and Qualitative components.  In the initial screening, the Quantitative criteria are used to rank applications.  Beginning with the highest ranked applications, the Graduate Admissions Committee reviews the Qualitative portion.  The combined scores are used to rank applications and then offers are extended.  Following is a breakdown of the scoring criteria:

Quantitative Criteria-50%

●       5% - Overall GPA on all college/university coursework

●       20% - Prerequisite GPA on 26 credits (8 courses) that are specifically required for our program

●       10% - GRE Verbal percentile score

●       10% - GRE Analytical Writing percentile score

●       5% - GRE Quantitative percentile score


Qualitative Criteria – 50%

●       30% - Personal Statement evaluated on the basis of grammar and mechanics, organization of ideas, content, and overall impression

●       10% - Value-Added Essay evaluated on content and ability to convey ideas

●       10% - Recommendations -Rating scales and qualitative comments from references