Technology and Required Competencies

The Department regards owning a personal computer as an essential part of learning in the entry level OTD program. VCU OTD students are encouraged to enter the program with a relatively new computer. Laptops and tablets are preferred for their portability and versatility. Access to high speed Internet to participate in online course components through the Blackboard Course Management System is essential for two hybrid, distance-learning courses and to maintain communication with faculty throughout the doctoral practicum. Additionally, students working on team projects often share files using GoogleDocs, GoogleSheets, and GoogleSlides. Competency in use of online resources and general use of computer software, e.g., Microsoft Word for word-processing, Powerpoint for professional presentations, and Excel for occasional spreadsheet development, is recommended. Students may wish to acquire a printer as well.  One on-site wireless laser printer is available for all students in the program, but paper is not provided and ink cartridge purchases by the Department are limited. Students may also use coin slot printers at the VCU libraries.