VCU Supplemental Information Application

All applicants must complete a VCU Supplemental Information Application in addition to the OTCAS Application.

The VCU Supplemental Information Application is a secondary application that is required for reporting numerical and demographic data to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) on applications and acceptances to VCU. It is the source of information for determining in-state or out-of-state residency and also enters all applicants in the VCU database and assigns them a V number, an identification number used by the University.  

To complete this application to supplement Centralized Application Service applications, applicants need to: 

Create an account with a Login ID and PIN
(Be sure to save your Login and PIN for later reference!)

Select “OTCAS-supplemental” in the drop-down box

For Admission Term Select Summer and the year

Enter your First and last name (Middle name is optional but if an applicant has a common last name it can be useful to have)

You must indicate whether you have applied previously and type in your OTCAS Identification number.

Enter your Permanent Address

Enter your Personal Information including: Citizenship Status, Email address, and Date of Birth
E-mail address recorded twice to prevent an error
SSN is not required, but it is needed if you are planning to use financial aid

Under Previous College enter the College School Code using the look up feature of the college or university from which you have or will receive your bachelor’s degree.

If you have also earned a Master’s Degree you can enter that college or university as well.

Under Additional Information answer the three questions about disciplinary action and military status.

Complete the information on the VA In-state Tuition Application page to qualify for In-state Tuition. This is a lengthy form, but must be completed fully to be considered eligible for In-state tuition.

It includes:

Current address and any former addresses within the last 2 years
Dependency Information
Domicile Information
Military Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Current and Former Address Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Tax Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Military Information

A checklist at the end will show whether all required information has been recorded before you submit and pay the fee.