We are often asked, what makes VCU OT unique.  Here is a summary of the unique aspects of our program:

  • Our doctoral practicum takes students to a level beyond Fieldwork II to make personally valued and relevant contributions of OT knowledge to the community, education and research arenas.
  • A strong grounding of theory combined with clinical application occurs throughout the curriculum
  • Balance of adult and pediatric content within the curriculum
  • A strong bond and collegiality between the faculty and staff members that extends to relationships with our students
  • Relationships with a large number of clinicians that provide lecture and practical learning opportunities, separate from Fieldwork
  • The number of opportunities to work alongside persons that may be receiving OT services or who are potential clients.
  • The inclusion of a very traditional OT course that teaches practical construction skills and the creation of custom adaptive equipment
  • Opportunities to engage in faculty-directed research
  • Faculty actively involved in research and two research labs that are housed in the OT Department.