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OT Academy Shines

This summer, the department held the inaugural OT Academy, a pathway program drawing participants from underrepresented and marginalized populations. Planning for the academy was three years in the making, and designed to promote knowledge and understanding of the OT profession, and to prepare students for applying to an academic OT program.

Marking 10 magical years, Sensitive Santa is a memorable gift for children with disabilities and their families

As part of the Legendary Santa experience at CMoR, several events are offered with a sensory-friendly atmosphere called Sensitive Santa nights. The music and lights are toned down, and there’s a cool-down room available for little ones who may get overstimulated by the holiday hoopla. It’s all done to ensure children with disabilities can still experience the magic of Santa Claus. 

How this Christmas event makes seeing Santa inclusive to all children

The Department of Occupational Therapy, in partnership with the Children's Museum of Richmond, held their 10th annual Sensitive Santa event. The Sensitive Santa event invites families with children who have sensory or other special needs to meet Santa and enjoy other museum activities.

Department of Occupational Therapy launches its OTD/PhD Dual Degree Program

The Department of Occupational Therapy launched its Dual Degree Occupational Therapy Doctorate - PhD in Health Related Sciences this year. This program allows students in the occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) program to begin working on credits in the PhD program while in the OTD program, saving them time and money toward their PhD. Dr. Stacey Reynolds, the program director and developer of the dual degree program, states, “This is only one of a small handful of OTD-to-PhD programs in the world and our program is proud to be leading the way in the effort to develop and support well-trained rehabilitation scientists.”

Jenna Burns (Class of 2023) receives inaugural Spirit of Sisterhood Scholarship

Fall of 1971 found 7 young women (Cathy Mattsson (Nilson), Maureen Freda (Peterson), Ruth Strauss (Stahl), Donna Lucente (Surber), Pam Flowers (LaCasio), Debby Joyce (McKeon), Megan Mabey (Douglas)) from different geographic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds converging at VCU, in the middle of an urban campus, at the height of “hippiedom.” None of us could imagine then, that 49 years later, our friendships and treasured college family would still be going strong, all because of our VCU Occupational Therapy (OT) connection. Our lives have been individually and collectively enriched by these lifelong friendships that started so simply. Our memories are so fond of those early formative years spent together, we have been inspired to offer a small scholarship of $1,000 to a current VCU OT student.  We fervently hope that the student who is selected finds the professional pride, success, passion, and satisfaction we all have, as well as lasting friendships.  

Audrey Kane Receives Grant for "Unity at the Table"

Congratulations to Audrey Kane, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy for being awarded a grant by the 2020-2021 VCU Service-Learning Project Small Grants Program for her project "Unity at the Table".  The award will help Audrey promote her students' learning in current and future iterations of her OCCT 717:Level I Psychosocial Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy service-learning class, and enhance community-engaged learning opportunities for VCU students.