Fieldwork II

What is Fieldwork II?


Fieldwork II is an integral part of VCU´s curriculum design and includes an in-depth experience in delivering occupational therapy services while learning professional interactions. The goal of Fieldwork II is to develop competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. Fieldwork II builds upon the knowledge, skills and abilities achieved in earlier Fieldwork I experiences, and in academic courses.

Timing of FW II

The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) requires occupational therapy students to complete a minimum of the equivalent of 24 weeks full-time supervised Fieldwork II. This may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis and usually in two significantly different settings. It must be completed within 24 months following completion of academic preparation. The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) requires that all Level II fieldwork is successfully completed as a pre-requisite to taking the certification examination.

At VCU, Fieldwork II occurs after all the didactic course work is completed. To meet the University´s degree requirements as well as to fulfill ACOTE and NBCOT standards, two FW II placements, totaling 960 hours must be successfully completed.

FW II usually occurs for the last 6 months of the OT program from May/June till August/September, and from September till December. Overall, Fieldwork II involves a commitment commensurate to a full-time job of at least 40 hours a week plus work in the evenings and weekends.

Types of FW II Placements

Placement may be in settings providing direct and/or indirect client care, with clients presenting a variety of diagnoses or developmental deficits, in medical institutions, community agencies, schools, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, private practice, or mental health institutions.

VCU students are required to do at least one Fieldwork II experience with primarily an adult/geriatric population. The other Fieldwork II experience may be with children or adolescents, or adults. Some of the settings in the second Fieldwork II category may be:

  • Psychiatric Facility for adults or children (hospital or community mental health)
  • Early Intervention Program
  • School System
  • Children´s Rehabilitation Center
  • Acute Care in Pediatrics
  • Developmental Disabilities Training Centers
  • Hand Management Program
  • Work Program
  • Adult Day Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities or Long Term Care
  • Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technology

All fieldwork placements are subject to availability at locations which have contracts with VCU. These locations and availability vary from semester to semester. New contracts in other states or areas will be considered through a process outlined in the VCU Fieldwork II Manual. Students are not to initiate new contracts.

Students give at least 4 choices per each desired FW II placement to the Director of Fieldwork. Information is given to students through a student panel of current Fieldwork II students, the AOTA Fieldwork Data Forms, former evaluations of FW I and II facility placements, reviewing facility websites, and discussing interests with the Director of Fieldwork, the Fieldwork I Coordinator and other faculty. Additional information is provided through the program's online fieldwork data base.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Fieldwork

AOTA website has answered many questions about Fieldwork I and II.